How to Fix Cydia Error or Crash After Install Incompatible Tweaks

How to Fix Cydia Error or Crash After Install Incompatible Tweaks - Same as always, after the tool jailbreak has been released by the community or the developer to the latest iOS version, users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod that supports tool jailbreak, will soon perform the jailbreak on their devices, because many users are impatient to enjoy features third-party applications that must only be done after they have jailbreak iOS devices. Examples of Cydia tweaks and apps with functions and special features.

But, you should know after the tool jailbreak released usually still many apps or tweaks certain not yet support the IOS version you are running on the device, because the developers who make tweaks and applications, requiring several days to update their products in Cydia to be reused in the latest iOS.
How to Fix Cydia Error or Crash After Install Incompatible Tweaks
Many users who make mistakes because directly install their favorite apps or tweaks from Cydia, although not yet support the IOS version running on the device. Causing cydia on their device experience Crash or error. it is definitely cause of crash or error in cydia, are tweaks and apps that are not compatible.

To avoid you from these problems, you should consider whether tweaks or the application you want to install has been supported by iOS on your device or not, you can read through the information contained there. If not, you should be patient.

Usually repo or official source and a default will not allow to install apps or tweaks that are not compatible with your iOS. But it is different if you install from source or repo third party who is not authorized, you can install apps or tweaks that are not yet compatible with the risk can cause the device or app cydia crashes or enter into save mode and the worst is stuck in boot Apple logo.

To fix the error or crash after install cydia incompatible tweaks or apps, there are several methods, but be better before restore and jailbreak again you can try this way.

Step 1: If your device jailbreaknya not stable because it usually has just been released, such as iOS 9, you should not do force reboot, but turn off in the usual way, by pressing the power button a few seconds to appear "Slide to Power Off", then turn off as usual.

Step 2: Once your device is fully Off, turn it back on your device by pressing the power button, along with pressing the Volume UP.

Step 3: Once the Apple logo appears, release the power button, but do not release the Volume UP button until your device turns back on with normal condition.

Step 4: Then please check tweaks or application, before you cydia error or crash, then uninstall it. 
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