How to Add 3D Touch Features on Cydia App

How to Add 3D Touch Features on Cydia App - You probably already know about the feature, 3D Touch. which became one of the new features on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, with the presence this feature, users can more easily access various applications quickly and efficiently on their iPhone, 3D Touch will display different functions depending on the type of pressure on fingertips, when touching the screen. such as the a tap, a press, and a deeper press.

As we know, 3D Touch can only be used on the latest generation iPhone. However, users with iOS jailbroken device, can bring the 3D Touch features to a device that does not support this feature, by installing a tweak from cyida, one of which RevealMenu or Forcy.

How to Add 3D Touch Features on Cydia App
Cydia is one of the most common applications we use in iPhone jailbroken, because through this application the user can download various types of apps and tweaks that have specific functions and features on your device. All contained in cydia, can not be found in the Apple App store. after you read, how these features works, you might think to be able to add 3D Touch  features on Cydia app, to easy for users to access these applications.

Although RevealMenu or Forcy bring 3D features Touch the older generation devices. But unfortunately, both of them, does not support Cydia app. However, if you really want to have 3D Touch features on Cydia, you can install Tactful tweak, it released a few weeks ago.

Tweak Tactful capable of providing 3D Touch
gestures function on icon cydia app, which is located on the Springboard your on device, with display 4 shortcut options, such as Refresh Repos, Add Repo, View Recent Installations, Search Cydia.

Of course, the four shortcut, it will be very useful when you are using 3D Touch gesture on cydia app. For example, on the shortcut menu "Add Repo" users can save time to access and add the repo or a new sources. Or Quick Search will display the search page and then automatically display the keyboard, then the user can type the name of apps and tweaks they want.

In addition of the four shortcut, mentioned earlier. You will also be able to use
Peek feature, by conducting regular pressure in the package to preview and Pop  (depth press) to open a package, and if you want to install / uninstall tweak or app, you only need to do regular pressure (peek) then swipe it up.

Tactful one of important tweaks that you need to install on your iPhone jailbroken. because it adds functionality to easy for users to access cydia. you can download Tactful for free. after installed this tweak, you can't find any configuration panel in app settings. 
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